motionMounts inc.

Established in 2011, a Utility Patent was issued for the first mounting solution to support the use of an iPad® or MP3 player with less tethering, as well as being ergonomically designed.


Over the years, motionMounts inc. has been able to evolve from music to other industries including software imaging and photography equipment. Having a tablet mount that looks aesthetically pleasing when the tablet is not mounted (which is 75% of the time) has been the narrative and main design element of this product. Working in the Art Department for The Motion Picture Industry has also provided a framework.

Music education is a very important principle, and is the catalyst that started a journey of Patents, injection plastic mold designs, tooling and manufacturing through a local plastics company. In turn, selling a reliable wholesale product distributed by various companies.”

It is rare that the word 'revolutionary' is used to describe an invention in today’s world of new products.

Follow your dreams. Seriously.


Tablets in the Workplace

The world has turned to Tablet Technology as a main source of connecting in the workplace. This portal drives needed information to employees, helping all facets of communication perform at optimal levels.   

Any work application that requires a Tablet with hands free accessibility will benefit from this secure and simple solution.