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Using a Tablet Computer in Space


“Technology is changing and helping the way activities and tasks are being performed in space. Tasks will be performed in space using the touch screen of a Tablet device.”

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Motion Mounting for Tablets

This product is specifically designed for Rugged Tablet Cases. In order for this mount to perform to the maximum potential, it supports individual work environments with Tablet Cases that use Technology to help productivity and improve communications without the visual noise of most standard mounting systems found today.

This Surface Mount Fixture:

-Can adapt to most any size Tablet dimensions. Only certain Tablet Cases.

-Fits ALL attachments and 3rd party accessories.

-Is Cost Effective.

-Easily rotates from portrait to landscape while the Tablet is mounted.

-Is backed by 2 Utility Patents and several Design Patents

During our development phase, we found it problematic to interact in a close manner with a Tablet when it is mounted in a fixed position. The ergonomics are controlled in relationship to where the device is anchored. With the help of this mount, is now possible to hold the device and seamlessly attach or remove it in a secure manner. 

We have several other applications that are patent pending as well. 

A primary focus has been the aesthetics when the Tablet is not mounted. 

The quality of this product and the security it provides is priority one.

Motion Mounts Inc. has been supplying businesses with High quality, Cost Effective Tablet mounts 

since 2010.


On-The-Move Tablet Technology

From the Desk


Elevate any size Tablet off the flat surface to an eye level reading position for optimal monitoring and interaction. 

Mounts secure. Removes seamlessly.

Working Environment


Clean design and ergonomics with stability will match all operations effectively.  


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